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    A few hundred meters from their restaurant “La Maschera del Lillotatini” (www.lamaschera.nl), in one of the most picturesque streets of the Jordaan neighborhood, the story continues 4 years later.

    “Momenti”, located on the Herenstraat, one of the most elegant streets in the very city center of Amsterdam, is the latest creation of Marco Boldrini, Federico Galli and Marco Lupi. The latter, previous chef of “La Maschera”, is now also part of the management team for both restaurants.

    “Momenti” is the next evolution of a successful journey of 3 Italian guys who, after completing professional culinary training in Italy, together pursue their dream of sharing the real Italian food -and wine culture in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

    Playing off the synergy that was established at “La Maschera del Lillotatini”, the 3 owners combine their skills to offer their guests a unique culinary experience at “Momenti”. The technical knowledge of chef Marco Lupi, the organizational skills of Federico Galli and the expertise of sommelier Marco Boldrini, ensure an excellent gastronomic experience.